by Louis LíAmour

A good western. Told by God. A page turner. Set in the southwest. An orphan boy gets his education paid for by a gunman named Flint. As a teen-ager he sees Flint murdered in a saloon and he instantly shoots some of killers. He moves to NYC and becomes a multi-millionaire through sharp trading. He marries a beautiful gold-digger who pays to have him murdered so she can inherit his wealth. He kills the assassin and learns that his wife was behind the attempt. He also learns he is dying of cancer. He heads west to die in a secret hide-out in the lava flows that Flint told him about. He assumed Flintís name and gets involved in defending a pretty girl whose ranch is threatened by a land-grabbing businessman newly arrived from the east. The land-grabber hires gunmen and there are many shootings and a couple big fist-fights. The description of the gold-digging wife is sharp. The title is appropriate.

Year Read: 2004

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