Fort Apache
by Tom Walker

A memoir about the time the author spent as a police lieutenant in the 41 Precinct (Fort Apache) in the south Bronx in the early 1970s. The population was about 49% Puerto Rican and other Spanish-speaking groups, about 40% black Americans, and a remnant of Jews and other whites. The Precinct building was routinely attacked by the public who always sided with those who were arrested and always regarded the police as oppressors. Cops were pelted with bottles and bricks and garbage daily.

Morris High School, where my mother graduated, is mentioned and so is Tremont Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard. The police received so many hundreds of calls every day that they usually had a backlog and had to prioritize them. Consequently, they tended to respond more to crimes with actual victims, real crimes, than to mere law breaking. He describes the living conditions. It was worse than living in a dungeon.

Year Read: 2005

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