Lonesome Dove
by Larry McMurtry

The 3rd of 4 novels in the Lonesome Dove set. One of the best novels I ever read. The heroes Gus Mcrae and Woodrow Call are in their early 50s and have finally reached the ages most suitable to their personalities. Gus is such a great character that I didnít want to stop listening to him and reading about him. His interactions with the other characters are fun. He is a man who enjoys life and lives by a few simple rules of justice and compassion.

The novel is an epic adventure involving a cattle drive from the small town of Lonesome Dove, Texas, on the Mexican border to northern Montana. Like the other novels in this series the story is told by an unnamed, omniscient observer who relates the thoughts and emotions of all the characters, including the final thoughts of those who die. This unnamed story teller speaks in the same vernacular as the characters who are Texans circa 1870.

Year Read: 2006

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