by F. Paul Wilson and Matthew J. Costello

A sci-fi novel in the style of James P. Hogan. It grabbed my interest right away. But the hero becomes annoying because he is stupid and incompetent and a lousy fighter. He is constantly getting into traps because of his carelessness. The story takes place in a dystopia in which Earth is divided into several territories ruled by rival totalitarian states and anarchic free zones where refugees live. The states are ruled by elites who control the process of manufacturing and controlling mimes (people genetically engineered to transform into different shapes when programs are loaded into them). The mimes are slaves and they are hated by most real people. The hero is a mime who serves his state as a secret agent (even though he seems to lack the basic intelligence and wariness needed for the job). He is motivated by the promise of freedom if he successfully completes one final mission: infiltrating the citadel of the chief rival state and returning with vital code from their central computer.

Year Read: 2002

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