by Louis LíAmour

A good western told by God. Shalako is a white man who was given this Indian name, which is the name of their rain god, because it rained whenever he visited them. He is a saddle tramp who loves to fight and who knows the desert as well as any Apache. (As in many other of his western novels LíAmour glorifies the desert. The only places that are less hospitable to human life that I can think of are places with too much water such as the oceans and the frozen wastelands.) Shalako comes across a hunting party composed of rich folks from Europe who donít comprehend the dangers of hunting in Apache-occupied desert land. They are led by a German aristocrat who is a general and who hopes to have some fun showing the Apaches the superiority of his military training and equipment. Eventually he learns how mistaken he was.

Year Read: 2004

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