by Ann Coulter

A full-scale attack on liberals. It is shrill and full of insults and exaggerations, but it is also enjoyable to someone who hates liberals. It is a revisionist history of America from the end of WW II to about 2003, but it jumps back and forth in time with no clear organization.

It shows convincingly that liberals have consistently supported America’s enemies and traitors and that liberals in the media, particularly the New York Times have slanted the news, misled, and lied always in the direction of abetting and apologizing for traitors and against those who want traitors to lose their federal government jobs and security clearances.

It rehabilitates Joe McCarthy and shows his enemies in the liberal media to be the irrational, hysterical, evil ones while Joe was fair minded, reasonable, and patriotic. It turns out that the FBI has broken the Soviet diplomatic code and knew for sure about Russian spies working in the US government and that Joe was justified in his unsuccessful efforts to have the spies removed from their posts. The liberals deserve to be insulted and ridiculed unfairly because they have been insulting and ridiculing their moral superiors for decades.

Year Read: 2006

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