All That Remains
by Patricia Cornwell

The 3rd thriller told by Dr. Kay Scarpetta. She is still over-emotional. She cannot sustain a relationship without turmoil and misunderstandings. She has an on-again-off-again relationship with boyfriend Mark and girlfriend Abby who gets killed at the end. As usual the plot involves a serial killer. This on kidnaps young couples, kills them, and leaves their bodies in the woods where they are not discovered until hunting season opens and the bodies are decomposed. He leaves a Jack of Hearts at each crimes scene. He leaves no prints or DNA or trace evidence. His last victims are the daughter of the Federal Drug Tsar and the girl’s boyfriend. The drug tsar goes nuts and believes, correctly, that the FBI and CIA are engaged in a cover up. Scarpetta’s friend Wesley is running the cover up. Pete Marino is the most admirable character in this story, although Scarpetta comes up with most of the good clues and theories.

Year Read: 2006

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