The Ambushers
by Donald Hamilton

The 6th novel told by assassin, Matt Helm. He is assigned to assassinate a rebel general and rescue a captured secret agent in central America. This part goes well. He discovers the rebels have a missile with a nuclear warhead and he is criticized for not taking it with him. He also spots an ex-Nazi general with the rebels and is criticized for not killing him. His next assignment is to find and kill the Nazi. He goes to the southwestern USA to pick up the trail. He brings along the girl he rescued to help him. They find others who are looking for the Nazi. He develops and executes a plan to be captured and tortured by these people and then to be captured by the Nazi general and his army in Mexico. Stupid.

The two women in the story throw themselves at him and he screws them as usual. Contrived. Well written. Hard boiled. Amoral.

Year Read: 2005

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