Best Evidence
by David Lifton

An outstanding investigation of the medical evidence in the JFK assassination told in a gripping fashion. He presents his data in the chronological order he found it, and he reconstructs his theories to accommodate the accumulating evidence. It shows the value of a working hypothesis in leading to new sources of evidence. His final hypothesis, which he supports with lots of facts, is that Kennedy's body was altered to remove bullet fragments and to change the wounds to eliminate evidence of shots fired from the front and to make it seem he was shot only from the back by a single assassin. The hypothesis explains how the doctors in Dallas could describe the wounds differently than the autopsy doctors in Bethesda, Maryland, and how the Warren Commission by relying on the autopsy report as the best legal evidence, could, without being part of a cover-up conspiracy, conclude that JFK was shot only from the rear by Oswald. All of this is thoroughly developed and convincingly demonstrated.

Much less thorough is the last part of the book where he speculates as to how, when, and where the body was altered. He says virtually nothing about who was involved or why they did it. These questions deserve the same kind of thorough investigation as he gave to the question of the body having been altered.

Year Read: 1983

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