Blow Fly
by Patricia Cornwell

The 12th thriller involving Kay Scarpetta. This is the first one I have read that is told by an omniscient being rather than by Scarpetta. It is a page turner. Lots of action in Poland and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The werewolf and his brother and their lawyer Rocco, who is Pete Marino’s son, are the central problem. Wesley Benton reemerges. He was only pretending to be dead. Lucy and company kill Rocco in Poland. They infest his corpse with blow flies (baby maggots) so it will decompose faster. Then they travel to Baton Rouge and kill the woman who lives with and serves the werewolf’s brother. Meanwhile Benton kills the brother and the evil district attorney of Baton Rouge. At the end the werewolf has escaped from death row and is on the loose. Pete Marino is on hand. He is always described as a good detective, but he never comes up with any solutions to the cases they work on. Benton finally makes a positive contribution and is not as wimpy as he used to be, but he is still psychologically screwed up like a woman. The plot includes more than the usual number of incredible coincidences.

It is not as good as the previous novels because Scarpetta is not telling the story and she is not as involved in the actions.

Year Read: 2005

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