Body of Evidence
by Patricia Cornwell

The 2nd thriller told by Dr. Kay Scarpetta. She is still shaky and quick to take comments personally and be offended and react emotionally. She lets killers into her house. She continually forgets her gun. The plot is too complicated. At the end it takes several pages to tie up all the loose ends. The niece is not in this one. A woman novelist is murdered, then her mentor is murdered, then his sister kills herself, then a young man who knew a lot about what was going on kills himself. Scarpetta does some good detective work to identify the killer. He threatens her and she flees to Key West to escape and to find the dead novelistís manuscript. The plot is complicated by the novelistís sleazy lawyer and a former boyfriend of Scarpetta who works for the lawyer. Pete Marino is on the scene a lot and livens up the dialog.

Scarpetta is attracted to extremely handsome men regardless of their character defects such as being serial killers or wimps.

Year Read: 2006

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