Nonfiction Book Notes

Here are links to my notes about some of the nonfiction books that I have read over the years. The books are listed in alphabetic order by title.

  1. 33 Questions about American history you’re not supposed to ask by Thomas Woods
  2. 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken Is #37) by Bernard Goldberg
  3. 101 Reasons to Love the Yankees by Ron Green, Jr.
  4. The 776 Stupidest Things Ever Said compiled by Ross and Kathryn Petras
  5. 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Science by James Trefil
  6. 1776 by David McCullough
  7. 1776: The Adventure of the American Revolution by Irving Werstein
  8. 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea or David Copperfield by Robert Benchley

  9. The Abolitionists edited by Louis Ruchames
  10. The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis
  11. Abusing Science by Philip Kitcher
  12. Adam Smith by E. G. West
  13. The Addicted Society by Joel Fort
  14. The Africa of Albert Schweitzer by Charles Joy and Melvin Arnold
  15. After 1903--What? by Robert Benchley
  16. After Apartheid by Frances Kendall and Leon Louw
  17. Against Leviathan by Robert Higgs
  18. Against Medical Advice by James Patterson and Hal Friedman
  19. Alarms and Diversions by James Thurber
  20. Albert Schweitzer: The Man and His Mind by George Seaver
  21. Alger Hiss: The True Story by John Chabot Smith
  22. All It Takes Is Guts by Walter Williams
  23. All Things Considered by G. K. Chesterton
  24. The Almanac of Dates by Linda Millgate
  25. An Almanac of Liberty by William O. Douglas
  26. The American Language by H. L. Mencken
  27. The American Revolution Considered As a Social Movement by J. Franklin Jameson
  28. The American Revolution in New York by the NYS Historical Society
  29. The American Revolution Reconsidered by R. B. Morris
  30. The American Revolution: Three Views by Irving Kristol, Martin Diamond, and G. Warren Nutter
  31. America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard
  32. America's Wars and Military Excursions by Edwin P. Hoyt
  33. Anarchy and Order by Herbert Read
  34. Anarchy, State, and Utopia by Robert Nozick
  35. Animal Rights by Henry S. Scott
  36. Another such victory by Thomas Baker
  37. Ante Bellum by Fitzhugh and Helper
  38. The Anti Chomsky Reader edited by Peter Collier and David Horowitz
  39. The Antislavery Vanguard: New Essays on the Abolitionists edited by Martin Duberman
  40. The Ape That Spoke: Language and the Evolution of the Human Mind by John McCrone
  41. An Appeal in Behalf of that Class of Americans called Africans by Lydia Maria Child
  42. Appointment in Dallas by Hugh McDonald
  43. The Art of Loving by Eric Fromm
  44. Assessing the Criminal edited by John Hagel and Randy Barnett
  45. As We Go Marching by John T. Flynn
  46. At Any Cost: How Al Gore Tried to Steal the Election by Bill Sammon
  47. Autobiography of Bertrand Russell: 1872-1914 by Bertrand Russell
  48. Autobiography of Bertrand Russell The Middle Years: 1914-1944 by Bertrand Russell
  49. Autobiography of Bertrand Russell: The Final Years: 1944-1969 by Bertrand Russell
  50. The Autonomy of Reason by Robert Paul Wolff
  51. The Ayn Rand Cult by Jeff Walker

  52. The Bachelor Home Companion by P. J. O’Rourke
  53. Backward Masking Unmasked by Jacob Arnza
  54. Ball Four by Jim Bouton
  55. Baseball Wit by Bill Adler
  56. The Battle of Cowpens by Kenneth Roberts
  57. Because He Could by Dick Morris
  58. The Beer Can Collector's Bible by Jack Martells
  59. Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt by Ted Foote and P. Alex Thornburg
  60. The Bell Curve Wars edited by Steve Fraser
  61. Benchley Lost and Found by Robert Benchley
  62. The Benchley Roundup by Robert Benchley
  63. The Best! 1998 New York Yankees World Champions by Sports Illustrated
  64. Best Evidence by David Lifton
  65. The Best Team Money Could Buy by Steve Jacobson
  66. Betrayal by Lucy Freeman and Julie Roy
  67. The Betrayal of the American Right by Murray Rothbard
  68. The Betrayal of the Intellectuals by Julien Benda
  69. Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B. F. Skinner
  70. Bias by Bernard Goldberg
  71. A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz
  72. Biography of a River by John Mylod
  73. The Biological Origin of Human Values by George Pugh
  74. The Biology of Human Action by Vernon Reynolds
  75. The Birth of the Republic by Edmund Morgan
  76. Black Education: Myths and Tragedies by Thomas Sowell
  77. The Black Flag of Anarchy by Corinne Jacker
  78. The Black Lights by Thomas Hauser
  79. Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell
  80. The Body Is the Hero by Ronald Green
  81. A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity by Bill O’Reilly
  82. Boogers Are My Beat by Dave Barry
  83. The Bookmaker by Michael Agovino
  84. A Book of Burlesques by H. L. Mencken
  85. The Book of Journeyman by Albert Jay Nock
  86. Books and Printing edited by Paul Bennett
  87. Brain Sex by Anne Moir and David Jessel
  88. Breaking Cover by Bill Gulley and Mary Reese
  89. The British Isles by David Gibbon
  90. British Moralists edited by L. A. Selby-Bigge
  91. The Bronx Diet by Richard Smith
  92. The Bronx Zoo by Sparky Lyle
  93. The Business End of Government by Dan Smoot

  94. Cannibals All! or Slaves without Masters by George Fitzhugh
  95. Capitalism and Individualism by Tibor R. Machan
  96. Capital Punishment by Charles Black, Jr.
  97. Caring by Willard Gaylin
  98. A Carnival of Buncombe by H. L. Mencken
  99. A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization by Dean Overman
  100. The Case Against Hillary Clinton by Peggy Noonan
  101. Case Closed by Gerald Posner
  102. The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel
  103. The Case for the 100% Gold Dollar by Murray Rothbard
  104. Celebrations of Life by Rene Dubos
  105. The Celebrity Almanac by Ed Lucaire
  106. The CEO of the Sofa by P. J. O’Rourke
  107. The Challenge of Liberty by Robert Jones
  108. The Chicken Little Agenda by Robert Williscroft
  109. Chips Off the Old Benchley by Robert Benchley
  110. Christian Nonresistance by Adin Ballou
  111. Christian Science by Mark Twain
  112. CIA and American Labor by George Morris
  113. Citadel, Market and Altar by Spencer Heath
  114. Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
  115. Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality by Thomas Sowell
  116. Classical Economics by Murray Rothbard
  117. Claw Your Way to the Top by Dave Barry
  118. The Collapse of Evolution by Scott M. Huse
  119. Colonel Bob Ingersoll by Cameron Rogers
  120. Colonial Days by American Heritage
  121. Community, Anarchy and Liberty by Michael Taylor
  122. Computer Wars by Charles Ferguson and Charles Morris
  123. Conceived in Liberty Volume I: The American Colonies in the 17th Century by Murray Rothbard
  124. Conceived in Liberty Volume II: Salutary Neglect by Murray Rothbard
  125. Conceived in Liberty Volume III: Advance to Revolution 1760-1775 by Murray Rothbard
  126. Conceived in Liberty Volume IV: The American Revolution by Murray Rothbard
  127. The Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience by Emory Thomas
  128. Confessions of a She-Fan by Jane Heller
  129. A Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell
  130. A Connotary by Jno Pollard
  131. The Conquest of Poverty by Henry Hazlitt
  132. The Constitution of Liberty by F. A. Hayek
  133. Conversations with James Thurber by James Thurber
  134. Conversations with Kennedy by Benjamin Bradlee
  135. Corey Ford’s Guide to Thimking by Corey Ford
  136. Counterplot by Edward Jay Epstein
  137. Counterrevolution of Science by F. A. Hayek
  138. Cover-Up: The Politics of Pearl Harbor 1941-1946 by Bruce Bartlett
  139. Created from Animals by James Rachels
  140. Creation: Facts of Life by Gary Parker
  141. The Creation Hypothesis edited by J. P. Moreland
  142. Crime and Cover Up by Peter Dale Scott
  143. Crime and Human Nature by James Q. Wilson and Richard J. Herrnstein
  144. A Critique of Interventionism by Ludwig von Mises
  145. Critique of Practical Reason by Immanuel Kant
  146. Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant
  147. C. S. Lewis’s Dangerous Idea by Victor Reppert
  148. Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin
  149. Culture Warrior by Bill O’Reilly
  150. A Cure for Crime by Kathleen J. Smith

  151. The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymore M. Hersh
  152. Darts by Eric Bristow
  153. Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson
  154. Darwin’s Black Box by Michael J. Behe
  155. Darwin’s Enigma: Fossils and Other Problems by Luther Sunderland
  156. Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway by Dave Barry
  157. Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus by Dave Barry
  158. Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down by Dave Barry
  159. Dave Barry’s Book of Bad Songs by Dave Barry
  160. Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys by Dave Barry
  161. Dave Barry’s History of the Millennium (So Far) by Dave Barry
  162. Dave Barry’s Homes and Other Black Holes by Dave Barry
  163. Dave Barry’s Money Secrets by Dave Barry
  164. Dave Barry Turns 50 by Dave Barry
  165. David Livingstone: His Life and Letters by George Seaver
  166. Dealing with Drugs edited by Ronald Hamowy
  167. Dean Koontz: A Writer’s Biography by Katherine Ramsland
  168. Dear America by Karl Hess
  169. Death at Chappaquidick by Richard Tedrow and Thomas Tedrow
  170. Death by Government by R.J. Rummel
  171. The Death of Outrage by William J. Bennett
  172. The Death of the West by Patrick Buchanan
  173. The Declaration of Independence by Carl Becker
  174. The Decline of American Liberalism by Arthur Ekirch
  175. Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds by Phillip Johnson
  176. Defending the Undefendable by Walter Block
  177. Democracy: The God That Failed by Hans-Herman Hoppe
  178. Democratic Despotism by Raoul Desvernine
  179. The Descent of Woman by Elaine Morgan
  180. Detachment and the Writing of History by Carl Becker
  181. The Development of Motives and Values in the Child by Leonard Berkowitz
  182. Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion by David Hume
  183. Diary of a Country Year by Stephen Krasemann
  184. The Diary of H. L. Mencken by H. L. Mencken
  185. The Dictionary of Misinformation by Tom Burnam
  186. The Disadvantages of Being Educated and Other Essays by Albert Jay Nock
  187. The Discovery of Freedom by Rose Wilder Lane
  188. Disinformation by Richard Miniter
  189. Disturber of the Peace by William Manchester
  190. Don’t Vote by P. J. O’Rourke
  191. Double Cross by Sam and Chuck Giancana
  192. Dynasty: The New York Yankees 1949-1964 by Peter Goldenbock

  193. The Early Worm by Robert Benchley
  194. Eating for Good Health by Reader's Digest
  195. Eat the Rich by P. J. O'Rourke
  196. Economic Controversies by Murray Rothbard
  197. An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States by Charles Beard
  198. The Economics and Politics of Race by Thomas Sowell
  199. Economics As a Coordination Problem by Gerold P. O'Driscoll, Jr.
  200. Economic Thought Before Adam Smith by Murray Rothbard
  201. Ecoscam by Ronald Bailey
  202. Ecotage edited by Sam Love and David Obst
  203. Education by Immanuel Kant
  204. Education of a Wandering Man by Louis L’Amour
  205. Egalitarianism As a Revolt Against Nature and Other Essays by Murray Rothbard
  206. The Eighteenth Century Background by Basil Willey
  207. The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White
  208. Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
  209. An Enemy of the State by Justin Raimondo
  210. The English Libertarian Heritage edited by David Jacobson
  211. An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals by David Hume
  212. Enter Talking by Joan Rivers and Richard Meryman
  213. Envy by Hemult Schoeck
  214. The Epic of Freedom by John T. Flynn
  215. Essays in Skepticism by Bertrand Russell
  216. Essays on Hayek edited by Fritz Machlup
  217. Essays on Individuality edited by Felix Morley
  218. Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion by Henry Home
  219. The Essential Rothbard by David Gordon
  220. Essentials of Economics by Faustino Ballve
  221. The Essential von Mises by Murray Rothbard
  222. Ethan Allan by John Pell
  223. The Ethical Mysticism of Albert Schweitzer by Henry Clark
  224. Ethics by Peter Kropotkin
  225. Ethics by G. E. Moore
  226. The Ethics of Aristotle by Aristotle
  227. Ethnic America by Thomas Sowell
  228. The Eve of the Revolution by Carl Becker
  229. Ever Since Darwin by Stephen Jay Gould
  230. Existentialism and Human Emotions by Jean-Paul Sartre
  231. The Expanding Circle by Peter Singer

  232. Fannie Fox by Annabel Battistella
  233. The Far Side Gallery by Gary Larson
  234. The Fatal Conceit by F. A. Hayek
  235. The Federal Rathole by George Lambro
  236. The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan
  237. The Filmgoer's Book of Quotes by Leslie Halliwell
  238. The Final Days by Barbara Olson
  239. The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor by Robert Theobald
  240. Five Sermons by Bishop Butler
  241. For a New Liberty by Murray Rothbard
  242. Fort Apache by Tom Walker
  243. Fort Ticonderoga by John Pell
  244. The Foundations of Morality by Henry Hazlitt
  245. France by D. W. Brogan
  246. Frederic Bastiat a Man Alone by George Roche III
  247. Freedom and the Law by Bruno Leoni
  248. Freedom: A New Analysis by Maurice Cranston
  249. Freedom in Our Time edited by Vincent Miller
  250. Freedom: Promise and Menace by Scott Nearing
  251. Free Speech and Plain Language by Albert Jay Nock
  252. Free to Choose by Milton Friedman and Rose Friedman
  253. Front Page by Norm Goldstein
  254. Fugitive Essays by Frank Chodorov edited by Chuck Hamilton

  255. A Gang of Pecksniffs by H. L. Mencken
  256. General Charles Lee by John Alden
  257. The General Slocum Incident by Irving Werstein
  258. Genome by Matt Ridley
  259. Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne by F. J. Hudleston
  260. George Washington: Man and Monument by Marcus Cunliffe
  261. George Washington’s Generals edited by George Billias
  262. George Washington: The Virginia Period 1732-1775 by Bernhard Knollenberg
  263. George Wythe of Williamsburg by Joyce Blackburn
  264. Give Me a Break by John Stossell
  265. Glenn Beck’s Common Sense by Glenn Beck
  266. Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns
  267. The God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson
  268. Goethe by Albert Schweitzer
  269. The Golden Trashery of Ogden Nashery by Ogden Nash
  270. The Good Society by Walter Lippman
  271. The Gospel of Emerson by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  272. The Grand Jury by Marvin Frankel and Gary P. Naftalis
  273. The Great Bustard by Will Cuppy
  274. The Great Chain of Life by Joseph Wood Krutch
  275. The greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. by Dave Barry
  276. Great Thinkers in Classical Liberalism
  277. The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton
  278. The Greening of America by Charles Reich

  279. Hamilton’s Curse by Thomas Dilorenzo
  280. Harbor Lights of Home by Edgar A. Guest
  281. Hard Courts by John Feinstein
  282. Heartland by Mort Sahl
  283. Heathen Days by H. L. Mencken
  284. The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth-Century Philosophers by Carl Becker
  285. Hello Darlin’ by Larry Hagman with Todd Gold
  286. Henry Home, Lord Kames
  287. High Crimes and Misdemeanors by Ann Coulter
  288. The "Higher Law" Background of American Constitutional Law by Edward Corwin
  289. His Excellency George Clinton: Critic of the Constitution by E. Wilder Spaulding
  290. History of Ethics by Henry Sidgwick
  291. History of European Morals Volume I by W. Lecky
  292. A History of the American People by Paul Johnson
  293. His Weird and Wanton Ways by Richard Mathron
  294. H. L. Mencken by Charles Angoff
  295. H. L. Mencken: Critic of American Life by George H. Douglas
  296. H. L. Mencken: Literary Critic by William Nolte
  297. Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger
  298. Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture by Jack Cashill
  299. How Diplomats Make War by Frances Neilson
  300. How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman
  301. How to Attract the Wombat by Will Cuppy
  302. How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff
  303. How to Start Your Own Country by Erwin S. Strauss
  304. How to Talk to a Liberal by Ann Coulter
  305. How to Tell Your Friends from the Apes by Will Cuppy
  306. The Human Animal by Hans Hass
  307. The Human Imperative by Alexander Alland, Jr.
  308. Humanism Exposed by Marlin Maddoux
  309. Human Rights edited by Jeffrey Paul
  310. Human Rights: Fact or Fancy? by Henry Veatch
  311. The Human Side of Animals by Vance Packard
  312. Humphrey Bogart by Nathaniel Benchley
  313. The Hunting Hypothesis by Robert Ardrey

  314. Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells
  315. The Ideas of Ayn Rand by Ronald Merrill
  316. The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution by Bernard Bailyn
  317. I Dig Freedom by Johnny Hart
  318. I’d rather be a Yankee by John Tullius
  319. If Democrats had any brains they’d be Republicans by Ann Coulter
  320. I feel bad about my neck by Nora Ephron
  321. I Kid You Not by Jack Paar
  322. I’ll mature when I’m dead. by Dave Barry
  323. I'm Glad You Didn't take It Personally by Jim Bouton
  324. I'm OK--You're Not So Hot by Dolph Sharp
  325. The Imperative of Freedom by John C. Merrill
  326. Imputed Rights by Robert V. Andelson
  327. Inalienable Rights: A Defense by Diana Meyers
  328. The Income Tax: Root of All Evil by Frank Chodorov
  329. In Defense of Political Philosophy by Jeffrey H. Reiman
  330. In Defense of Women by H. L. Mencken
  331. Indefensible Weapons by Robert Jay Lifton and Richard Falk
  332. Indian Thought and Its Development by Albert Schweitzer
  333. Individualism and the Philosophy of Science by Murray Rothbard
  334. The Individualist Anarchists: An Anthology of Liberty (1881—1908) edited by Frank H. Brooks
  335. The Inequality of Man by J. B. D. Haldane
  336. The Inevitability of Patriarchy by Steven Goldberg
  337. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  338. The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It by Henry Hazlitt
  339. Ingersoll's Lectures Volume I by Robert Ingersoll
  340. Ingersoll's Lectures Volume III by Robert Ingersoll
  341. The Inner Bitch by Elizabeth Hilts
  342. In Quest of Justice by Francis Neilson
  343. An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue by Francis Hutcheson
  344. Inside American Education by Thomas Sowell
  345. Inside Benchley by Robert Benchley
  346. in six days edited by John Ashton
  347. Intervention and Revolution by Richard Barnet
  348. Inventing America by Garry Wills
  349. Inventing a Nation by Gore Vidal
  350. Inventing the Aids Virus by Peter Duesberg
  351. The Irrepressible Rothbard by Murray Rothbard
  352. Is Objectivism a Religion? by Albert Ellis
  353. Is there a Creator who cares about you? by Jehovah’s Witnesses
  354. It Didn't Start with Watergate by Victor Lasky
  355. It Still Begins with Ayn Rand by Jerome Tuccile

  356. Jackie Oh! by Kitty Kelly
  357. Jefferson by Albert Jay Nock
  358. Jefferson and Hamilton by Claude G. Bowers
  359. Jefferson in Power by Claude G. Bowers
  360. Josiah Warren by William Bailie
  361. Judgment Day by Nathaniel Branden
  362. Justice, Gender, and the Family by Susan Moller Okin

  363. Keynes the Man by Murray Rothbard
  364. Killgallen by Lee Israel
  365. Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain by Eric R. Delderfield and D. V. Cook
  366. Kinship with All Life by J. Allen Boone
  367. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain
  368. Knowledge and Decisions by Thomas Sowell
  369. Kosciuszko in the American Revolution by Miecislaus Haiman
  370. Kropotkin's Revolutionary Pamphlets by Peter Kropotkin

  371. Lanterns and Lances by James Thurber
  372. The Last Boy by Jane Leavy
  373. The Last Hero by David Faulkner
  374. The Lattimore Story by John T. Flynn
  375. Laughing Last by Tony Hiss
  376. The Law of the Somalis by Michael van Notten
  377. Lectures on Ethics by Immanuel Kant
  378. Left and Right: Selected Essays edited by Murray Rothbard
  379. LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy by Hugh McDonald and Robin Moore
  380. Leading with My Chin by Jay Leno
  381. The Left, the Right, and the State by Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr.
  382. Law, Legislation and Liberty by F. A. Hayek
  383. Law, Legislation and Liberty Volume II by F. A. Hayek
  384. Law, Legislation and Liberty Volume III by F. A. Hayek
  385. The Lessons of History by Will Durant and Ariel Durant
  386. Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory and Edward Boyd
  387. Letters on the English by Voltaire
  388. Letters to a young conservative by Dinesh D’Souza
  389. The Liberal Tradition in America by Louis Harz
  390. The Libertarian Idea by Jan Narveson
  391. Libertarianism by John Hospers
  392. The Libertarian Reader edited by David Boaz
  393. The Libertarian Theology of Freedom by Edmund Opitz
  394. Liberty by Everett Dean Martin
  395. Liberty and Language by Geoffrey Sampson
  396. The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham
  397. Life Laughs Last by Philip Kunhardt
  398. Libertarianism Today by Jacob H. Huebert
  399. Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin
  400. Liberty Defined by Ron Paul
  401. Lifemanship by Stephen Potter
  402. Life: How did it get here? by Watchtower Society
  403. Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain
  404. The Life You Imagine by Derek Jeter and Jack Curry
  405. The Limits of Government by David Schmidtz
  406. Lincoln Unmasked by Thomas Dilorenzo
  407. Locke by Thomas Fowler
  408. Long, obstinate, and bloody by Lawrence Babits and Joshua Howard
  409. The Lopsided Ape by Michael C. Corballis
  410. Losing Ground by Charles Murray
  411. The Louis L’Amour Companion by Robert Weinberg

  412. The Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman
  413. The Magnificent Yankees edited by Tom Meany
  414. The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver
  415. Man and Aggression edited by Ashley Montague
  416. Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard
  417. Markets and Minorities by Thomas Sowell
  418. Mark Twain by Clinton Cox
  419. Mark Twain and His World by Justin Kaplan
  420. Marriage under Fire by James Dobson
  421. Marx for Beginners by Rius
  422. Marxism: Philosophy and Economics by Thomas Sowell
  423. Maybe I’ll Pitch Forever by Satchel Paige and David Lipman
  424. The Maze of Mormonism by Walter Martin
  425. The Meaning of Is by Bob Barr
  426. Means and Ends in American Abolitionism by Aileen S. Kraditor
  427. Memoirs of a Superfluous Man by Albert Jay Nock
  428. Men Against the State by James Martin
  429. Mencken: A Study of His Thought by Charles Fecher
  430. Mencken Chrestomathy by H. L. Mencken
  431. Mencken's Last Campaign by H. L. Mencken
  432. The Metaphysical Elements of Justice by Immanuel Kant
  433. Metropolitan Life by Fran Lebowitz
  434. Mickey Mantle by Mark Gallagher
  435. The Mind and Art of Albert Jay Nock by Robert Crunden
  436. Minds, Machines & Evolution by James P. Hogan
  437. Minimal Religion by Frederick Nymeyer
  438. Minority Report by H. L. Mencken
  439. The Minutemen and Their World by Robert A. Gross
  440. Modern Times by Paul Johnson
  441. The Moon's a Balloon by David Niven
  442. The Moral Child: Nurturing Children’s Natural Moral Growth by William Damon
  443. The Moral Dilemma of Nuclear Weapons edited by William Clancy
  444. The Morality of Law by Lon L. Fuller
  445. The Moral Point of View by Kurt Baier
  446. The Moral Rules: A New Rational Foundation for Morality by Bernard Gert
  447. Moral Sense by James Q. Wilson
  448. More of Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits by Dave Barry
  449. More Words That Need Watching by Theodore Bernstein
  450. Mortal Error by Bonar Menninger
  451. A Mother in History by Jean Stafford
  452. Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Jefferson by Donald Chidsey
  453. Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra by George Jacobs
  454. Mumble Mumble by Garry Moore
  455. Murphy's Law Book Two by Arthur Bloch
  456. Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin
  457. My Capitol Secrets by Rita Jenrette
  458. The Mystery of Banking by Murray Rothbard
  459. My Ten Years in a Quandary by Robert Benchley
  460. The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS by Michael Fumento
  461. The Myth of Natural Rights by L. A. Rollins
  462. The Myth of the Robber Barons by Burton W. Folsom, Jr.
  463. My World-And Welcome to It by James Thurber
  464. My Years with Ludwig von Mises by Margit von Mises

  465. The Naked Capitalist by W. Cleon Skousen
  466. Napalm and Silly Putty by George Carlin
  467. Napoleon by Paul Johnson
  468. The Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen by Ethan Allen
  469. Nathaniel Greene: Strategist of the American Revolution by Theodore Thayer
  470. National Economic Planning by Don Lavoie
  471. Nations in Darkness by John Stoessinger
  472. The Nature of Civilizations by Matthew Melko
  473. The Necessary Conditions for a Free Society edited by Felix Morley
  474. Neither Bullets nor Ballots: Essays in Voluntaryism by Carl Watner, George H. Smith, and Wendy McElroy
  475. A New Beginning by Ed Clark
  476. A New Dawn for America: The Libertarian Challenge by Roger MacBride
  477. A New Radical's Guide to Economic Reality by Angus Black
  478. Nietzsche In Outline and Aphorism by A. R. Orage
  479. Nobel Costa Rica by Seth Rolbein
  480. No Clear and Present Danger by Bruce M. Russett
  481. No Law Against Mercy: Jailed for Sheltering a Child from the State by Barbara Lyn Lapp and Rachel B. Lapp
  482. None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen
  483. None of the Above by Sy Leon
  484. The Non-Runner's Book by Vic Ziegel and Lewis Grossberger
  485. No One Left to Lie To by Christopher Hitchens
  486. No Poems by Robert Benchley
  487. The Northern Gateway by Carroll Lonergan
  488. Not by Chance! by Lee Spetner
  489. Notes on Democracy by H. L. Mencken
  490. Notes on the State of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson
  491. Not Out of Africa by Mary Lefkowitz
  492. Not with a bang but a whimper by Theodore Dalrymple

  493. The October Twelve by Phil Rizzuto and Tom Horton
  494. Of All Things by Robert Benchley
  495. The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy by Mark Smith
  496. O Holy Cow! The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto by Phil Rizzuto
  497. Omnipotent Government by Ludwig von Mises
  498. On Character by James Q. Wilson
  499. On Freedom and Human Dignity by Morton Kaplan
  500. The only bush I trust is my own. by Periel Aschenbrand
  501. On Philosophical Style by Brand Blanchard
  502. On the Edge of the Primeval Forest by Albert Schweitzer
  503. On the Fifth Day edited by Richard Knowles Morris and Michael W. Fox
  504. On The Wealth of Nations by P. J. O’Rourke
  505. On This Day in America by John Wagman
  506. The Open Society and Its Enemies Volume I by Karl Popper
  507. Ordeal by Linda Lovelace
  508. Origins of American Politics by Bernard Bailyn
  509. Origin of the American Revolution by Bernhard Knollenberg
  510. The Origins of the Ferdinando Family by Peter Ferdinando
  511. Origins of the State and Civilization by Elman R. Service
  512. The Origins of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation by Matt Ridley
  513. Other People's Money by Paul Zane Pilzer
  514. Our Historic Hudson by John S. Dyson
  515. Our Knowledge of Right and Wrong by Johnathan Edwards
  516. Our Place in the Cosmos by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe
  517. The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos, and Crime by William Langewiesche
  518. Out of My Life and Thought by Albert Schweitzer
  519. Out of Step by Frank Chodorov
  520. Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O. J. Simpson Got Away with Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

  521. The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe
  522. The Panda's Thumb by Stephen Jay Gould
  523. Parasitism and Subversion by Stanislav Andreski
  524. Paris: A Picture Book to Remember Her By by David Gibbon
  525. The Passion of Ayn Rand by Barbara Branden
  526. The Passover Plot by Hugh Schonfield
  527. Peace Kills by P. J. O’Rourke
  528. Pearl Harbor after a Quarter of a Century by Harry Elmer Barnes
  529. Peculiarities of the Presidents by Don Smith
  530. A People Numerous and Armed by John Shy
  531. Personal Destinies: A Philosophy of Ethical Individualism by David L. Norton
  532. A Personal Odyssey by Thomas Sowell
  533. Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept the Secrets by James Spada
  534. Phantom Public by Walter Lippman
  535. Philip Skene of Skenesborough by Doris Begor Morton
  536. The Philosophy of Civilization by Albert Schweitzer
  537. The Philosophy of Egoism by James L. Walker
  538. The Philosophy of Punishment edited by H. B. Acton
  539. The Philosophy of the American Revolution by Morton White
  540. The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina by Hugh F. Rankin
  541. A Plea for Liberty by Herbert Spencer and others
  542. The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking by Carl Weber
  543. Pluck and Luck by Robert Benchley
  544. The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas Woods, Jr.
  545. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design by Jonathan Wells
  546. The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature by Elizabeth Kanton
  547. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades by Robert Spencer
  548. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers by Brian McClanahan
  549. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South by Clint Johnson
  550. The Political Theory of Anarchism by April Carter
  551. Politicization of Society edited by Kenneth Templeton, Jr.
  552. Politics by Aristotle
  553. The Politics of Heroine in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy
  554. The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de la Boetie
  555. The Politics of Procrustes by Anthony Flew
  556. The Poverty of Liberalism by Robert Paul Wolff
  557. Power and Market: Government and the Economy by Murray Rothbard
  558. Power Kills by R. J. Rummel
  559. The Power of Judyism by Judy Tenuta
  560. Power Shift by Kirpatrick Sale
  561. The Powers That Be by G. William Domhoff
  562. The Pragmatic Revolt in American History by Cushing Stout
  563. A Preface to Morals by Walter Lippman
  564. Prejudices: A Selection by H. L. Mencken edited by James T. Farrell
  565. Prejudices: Fifth Series by H. L. Mencken
  566. Prejudices First Series by H. L. Mencken
  567. Prejudices: Fourth Series by H. L. Mencken
  568. Prejudices Second Series by H. L. Mencken
  569. Prejudices: Sixth Series by H. L. Mencken
  570. Prejudices: Third Series by H. L. Mencken
  571. The Principles of Ethics Volume I by Herbert Spencer
  572. The Principles of Ethics Volume II by Herbert Spencer
  573. The Prize by Daniel Yergin
  574. Problems of Knowledge and Freedom by Noam Chomsky
  575. Property in a Humane Economy edited by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  576. Psychobabble by R. D. Rosen
  577. A Public Betrayed by Adam Gamble
  578. The Pump House Gang by Tom Wolfe
  579. Punishing Criminals by Ernest van de Haag
  580. Punishment: The Supposed Justifications by Ted Henderich
  581. Pure Drivel by Steve Martin

  582. The Quaker Experiment in Government by Issac Sharpless
  583. The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowell
  584. The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer
  585. Quivers by Robin Quivers
  586. Quotations from the Anarchists by Paul Benman

  587. Race by John Baker
  588. Race and Economics by Thomas Sowell
  589. Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flack Catchers by Tom Wolfe
  590. Radicals for Capitalism by Brian Doherty
  591. The Rants by Dennis Miller
  592. Rationality, Justice and the Social Contract: Themes from Morals by Agreement edited by David Gauthier and Robert Sugden
  593. Rational Man by Henry Veatch
  594. The Real Lincoln by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
  595. The Real Terror Network by Edward Herman
  596. Real Vermonters Don't Milk Goats by Frank Bryan
  597. Reason and Analysis by Brand Blanchard
  598. Reason and Commitment by Roger Trigg
  599. Reason and Right by W. D. Hudson
  600. Reason and Value by Roderick T. Long
  601. Reason and Virtue by Antonio S. Cua
  602. Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law and Education by Philip E. Johnson
  603. The Red Queen by Matt Ridley
  604. Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke
  605. Refuting Evolution by Jonathan Sarfati
  606. Rent Control and the War Against the Poor by R. W. Grant
  607. The Republic by Plato
  608. Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer
  609. The Revolution by American Heritage
  610. The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul
  611. The Revolutionary War in the Southern Back Country edited by James K. Swisher
  612. The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State by Auberon Herbert
  613. The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe
  614. River Out Of Eden by Richard Dawkins
  615. The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek
  616. Robert Benchley by Nathaniel Benchley
  617. Robert Benchley: His Life and Good Times by Babette Rosmond
  618. Robinson Crusoe's Money by David A. Wells with illustrations by Thomas Nast
  619. The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen
  620. Rockets, Redheads & Revolution by James P. Hogan
  621. Romantic Hideaways by Thomas Kinkade
  622. The Roots of Obama’s Rage by Dinesh D’Souza
  623. Rorke’s Drift 1879 by Ian Knight
  624. Rose Wilder Lane: Her Story by Rose Wilder Lane and Roger MacBride
  625. Rothbard vs. the Philosophers by Murray Rothbard
  626. Roughing It by Mark Twain
  627. Rousseau, Kant and Goethe by Ernst Cassirer
  628. The Rule of Law edited by Robert Paul Wolff
  629. The Ruling Minority 1974 by Lawrence Krivit

  630. The Sackett Companion by Louis L’Amour
  631. Salvador Dali by Jessica Hodge
  632. Sam Adams' Revolution by Cass Canfield
  633. Saratoga: The Decisive Battle by Rupert Furneaux
  634. Saratoga: Turning Point in the American Revolution by Martha Byrd
  635. The Scars of Evolution by Elaine Morgan
  636. Scholastic Book of Lists by James Buckley, Jr. and Robert Stremme
  637. Science is a Sacred Cow by Anthony Standen
  638. The Science of Good and Evil by Michael Shermer
  639. Scoundrels All by Ferdinand Lundberg
  640. Selected Journals of Henry David Thoreau by Henry David Thoreau
  641. Selected Letters of Albert Jay Nock by Albert Jay Nock
  642. Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre by Voltairine de Cleyre
  643. Self-Evident Truths by Paul K. Conkin
  644. Sell Out by David Schippers
  645. The Sense of Injustice by Edmond Cahn
  646. The Sensuous Woman by J
  647. Separating School & State by Sheldon Richman
  648. Sex and Reason by Richard A. Posner
  649. The Sex Education Racket by Phoebe Courtney
  650. The Shadow University by Alan Charles Kors and Harvey A. Silverglate
  651. Shaftsbury's Philosophy of Religion and Ethics by Stanley Grean
  652. Shaka Zulu by E. A. Ritter
  653. Shakedown by James Bovard
  654. Shattering the Myths of Darwinism by Richard Milton
  655. Short Answers to the Tough Questions by Mary J. Ruwart
  656. Signs of Intelligence edited by William Dembski and James Kushiner
  657. Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman
  658. Six Men by Alistair Cooke
  659. Six Seconds in Dallas by Josiah Thompson
  660. The Skeptic by Terry Teachout
  661. Slander by Ann Coulter
  662. A Slobbering Love Affair by Bernard Goldberg
  663. Snapping by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman
  664. The Social Brain by Michael Gazzaniga
  665. Social Insecurity by Dorcus and Colburn Hardy
  666. Socialism by Ludwig von Mises
  667. The Social Lives of Dogs by Elizabeth Thomas
  668. The Social Sources of Denominationalism by H. Richard Neibuhr
  669. Social Studies by Fran Lebowitz
  670. Some Mistakes of Moses by Robert Ingersoll
  671. Son of Liberty: Thaddeus Kosciuszko by David Abodaher
  672. South Africa: A Study in Conflict by Pierre van den Berghe
  673. South Park Conservatives by Brian Anderson
  674. The South Was Right by James and Walter Kennedy
  675. Speaking of Liberty by Llewellyn Rockwell
  676. Spin Cycle by Howard Kurtz
  677. The Squeeze by James Dale Davidson
  678. The State by Franz Oppenhiemer
  679. The State Against Blacks by Walter Williams
  680. Statecraft As Soulcraft by George Will
  681. The Stone Age Present by William Allman
  682. The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant
  683. The Strange Career of Jim Crow by C. Vann Woodward
  684. The Strange Death of Vincent Foster by Christopher Ruddy
  685. Strictly Confidential by Murray Rothbard
  686. Strictly Speaking by Edwin Neuman
  687. The Structure of Liberty by Randy Barnett
  688. The Stupidest Things Ever Said by Politicians compiled by Ross and Kathryn Petras
  689. Summerhill by A. S. Neill

  690. Taking Rights Seriously by Ronald Dworkin
  691. Tales from the Dugout by Mike Shannon
  692. Ted Williams' Hit List by Ted Williams and Jim Prime
  693. A Theory of Justice by John Rawls
  694. The Theory of Money and Credit by Ludwig von Mises
  695. The Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith
  696. A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
  697. A Theory of Strict Liability by Richard Epstein
  698. There Goes the Middle East by Alfred Lilienthal
  699. There Once Was a War by Jeffrey Ethell
  700. They did what!? by Bob Fenster
  701. They've Killed the President by Robert Anson
  702. Thirty-five Years of Newspaper Work by H. L. Mencken
  703. Thomas Jefferson and the Foundations of American Freedom by Saul Padover
  704. Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History by Fawn M. Brodie
  705. Thomas Paine: Author of the Declaration of Independence by Joseph Lewis
  706. Those Wild, Wild Kennedy Boys! by Stephen Dunleavy and Peter Brennan
  707. Through Nature to God by John Fiske
  708. Thunder on the Left by Gary Aldrich
  709. The Thurber Album by James Thurber
  710. Thurber’s Dogs by James Thurber
  711. Time on the Cross by Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman
  712. Tolstoi's Essays on Life by Leo Tolstoy
  713. Tolstoy by Henri Troyat
  714. Tom Paine: America's Godfather by W. E. Woodward
  715. Tongue of Flame: The Life of Lydia Maria Child by Milton Meltzer
  716. Too much is not enough by Orson Bean
  717. To Serve and Protect by Bruce L. Benson
  718. Towards a Proprietary Theory of Justice by Carl Watner
  719. Trader Horn by Alfred Aloysius Horn
  720. The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky
  721. Translations from the English by Robert Paul Smith
  722. A Traveller’s History of England by Christopher Daniell
  723. Treason by Ann Coulter
  724. A Treatise on Right and Wrong by H. L. Mencken
  725. The Trenton Pickle Ordinance by Dick Hyman
  726. Trial by Jury by Lysander Spooner
  727. The Triumph of Evolution by Niles Eldredge
  728. The Triumph of Liberty by Jim Powell
  729. The Troubled Waters of Evolution by Henry M. Morris
  730. The Tyranny of Testing by Banesh Hoffman

  731. Uncommon Dissent: Intellectuals Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing edited by William Dembski
  732. Understanding Islam by Thomas Lippman
  733. Understanding Rawls by Robert Paul Wolff
  734. Unfit for Command by John O’Neill
  735. Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitz
  736. Uniquely Human: The Evolution of Speech, Thought, and Selfless Behavior by Philip Lieberman
  737. Unlimited Access by Gary Aldrich
  738. The U.S. Bishops and Their Critics by Walter Block
  739. Useful Idiots by Mona Charen

  740. Vices Are Not Crimes by Lysander Spooner
  741. Vienna by G. Bauer
  742. Vigilantes of Montana by Thomas J. Dimsdale
  743. A Vindication of Natural Society by Edmund Burke
  744. Violence: Reflections from a Christian Perspective by Jacques Ellul
  745. The Voice of the Desert by Joseph Wood Krutch
  746. A Voluntary Political Government Letters from Charles Lane compiled and with an introduction by Carl Watner

  747. Wall Street and FDR by Anthony Sutton
  748. The Wallace Contract and the Watergate Connection by Si Ross
  749. The War Conspiracy: The Secret Road to the Second Indochina War by Peter Dale Scott
  750. The War Myth in American History by C. H. Hamlin
  751. The War over the Family by Brigitte Berger and Peter Berger
  752. Washington’s General by Terry Golway
  753. Watershed of Empire edited by Leonard Liggio and James Martin
  754. The Way of Life by Lao Tze
  755. We Bought an Island by Evelyn E. Atkins
  756. Wellness Made Easy by UC Berkeley Wellness Letter
  757. Were We Controlled? by Lincoln Lawrence
  758. What Every Child Would Like His Parents to Know by Dr. Lee Salk
  759. What Falls Away by Mia Farrow
  760. What is Creation Science by Henry M. Morris and Gary E. Parker
  761. What's So Bad About Guilt? by Rabbi Harlan J. Wechsler
  762. What’s So Great About America by Dinesh D’Souza
  763. The Whiskey Rebellion by William Hogeland
  764. Whitey and Mickey by Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, and Joe Durso
  765. Who Killed Kennedy? by Thomas Buchanan
  766. Who Killed Marilyn? by Tony Sciacra
  767. Why Centralized Government? by T. J. Coolidge
  768. Why Men Are the Way They Are by Warren Farrell
  769. Why Race Matters by Michael Levin
  770. Why Wages Rise by F. A. Harper
  771. Why Wars Are Declared by George Willison
  772. With No Apologies by Barry Goldwater
  773. Without Conscience by Robert Hare
  774. Women Who Make the World Worse by Kate O’Beirne
  775. Why American History is not what they say: An Introduction to Revisionism by Jeff Riggenbach
  776. The Wild Boy of Aveyron by Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard
  777. William Wallace: The King's Enemy by D. J. Gray
  778. Witness to a Century by George Seldes
  779. Words and Women by Casey Miller and Kate Swift

  780. The Yankee and Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby
  781. The Yankee Years by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci
  782. Yogi Berra by Marty Appel
  783. The Yogi Book by Yogi Berra
  784. You Are Extraordinary by Roger Williams
  785. You Cannot be Serious by John McEnroe
  786. You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation by Deborah Tannen
  787. The Young Jefferson by Claude G. Bowers
  788. The Young Revolutionaries by J. C. Long
  789. Your Baby’s Mind and How It Grows by Mary Ann Spencer Pulaski

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