By the Light of the Moon
by Dean Koontz

A sci-fi thriller told by God about three young people, 29-year-old Dylan, his 20-year-old autistic brother Shep, and 25-year-old stand-up comedienne Jilly, who are assaulted by a mad scientist who injects them with stuff that alters their senses and gives them extraordinary abilities. Dylan acquires the ability to touch things and know a lot about the people who have recently touched those things. Jilly sees visions of the future. Shep learns how to fold himself and others near him from one place to another place in a few seconds. He even learns how to fold himself and others to another time in the past as well as to another place. Jilly begins to learn from Shep how to this, but she is not as accurate as Shep. From the moment they are injected they are in danger from mercenary assassins and they have to flee. Very enjoyable and fast-paced, with the usual amount of Koontz humor.

Year Read: 2005

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