Case Closed
by Gerald Posner

A persuasive solution to the JFK assassination mystery. It supports the Warren Commission's original conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald did it by himself. It paints a portrait of Oswald as such a loser and such an impossible person for anyone to get along with that it is clear that he was too unreliable and uncooperative to be chosen by anyone for a conspiracy. It also portrays Jack Ruby as an unstable man who was devastated by JFK's assassination and who, by chance had the opportunity to kill Oswald and did so on an impulse. This is hard to accept.

The book disputes and refutes many of the facts that the conspiracy theorists base their theories on. The author's prejudice is to favor the veracity of government authorities over anybody else, which is opposite to the prejudice of the conspiracy writers. He admits bureaucratic mistakes and cover ups by the FBI, CIA, and Dallas Police only when it supports the overall thesis of the Warren Commission.

Year Read: 1998

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