The Cassini Division
by Ken MacLeod

The most pro-communist, pro-war, and pro-genocide novel I have ever read. It was a huge disappointment. I had been led to believe it might be a libertarian book. It does contain a cursory description of an anarcho-capitalist world with competing protection agencies, but depicts it as being full of greedy wheeler-dealers who are naive, short-sighted, and obsessed with trade and profit. Mises is mentioned in the book, but the author is clearly unaware of Mises proof that socialism cannot work. The hero is a beautiful, intelligent, black woman who is a belligerent militarist. She is despicable. I kept waiting for her to be taught to change her ways, but the author makes her out to be right in the end. The plot is far-fetched. The story-telling is tedious. The best parts are the philosophical conversations. It took me months to finish reading this 300-page book because the story and the characters are so un-engaging.

The author is Scottish. This fits with the results of political quizzes I have given to people from Scotland--they come out with more totalitarian with scores than anyone else (close to 0,0).

Year Read: 2003

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