Cold Fire
by Dean Koontz

A horror novel told by God about a young man who periodically gets an irresistible urge to rush to one particular place or another where he saves someone’s life in the nick of time. He then returns home quickly to avoid publicity. A female reporter witnesses one of his rescues and becomes fascinated by him. She tracks him down to his residence in California and learns that he makes a habit of traveling all over and saving people’s lives anonymously and that he recently won a $6,000,000 lottery prize. She secretly follows him on the same plane to Chicago hoping to witness another rescue. He sees her and makes her sit in the same section of the plane where he is sitting because he knows the plane is going to crash and that more people in his section will survive. The plane crashes and they survive. She helps rescue a boy trapped in the wreckage. She decides to forget about her news scoop and to quit journalism and to devote her life to assisting the psychic hero. He resists her proposal, but she is persistent and they become lovers. They have nightmares. There is a dark side to his powers. The rest of the book is about her making him confront and overcome the dark side. Another winner.

Year Read: 2005

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