Conceived in Liberty Volume IV: The American Revolution
by Murray Rothbard

By far the best book I have read on the Revolution. It makes clear the importance of guerilla tactics, shows what a lousy general and pompous ass George Washington was. His account of the victory at Saratoga is exactly the way I have come to interpret it after having read several books about it, and this is the first book to present this view. As usual he clarifies many aspects of the war that I never understood before: the war in the South, Robert Morris and the financing of the Revolution, the impact on Europe. Also, he reveals some interesting facts: the Howe brothers were sympathetic with the revolutionaries and might not have been trying their best to win! The army in the South had to supply themselves, because Washington hogged all the Continental Army supplies for his army in the North. Thomas Paine sold his writing skills to landgrabbers and counter-revolutionaries. The paper money inflation and price controls did more to disrupt the economy and create shortages than the English army during the war!

Year Read: 1979

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