by F. Paul Wilson

An exciting and entertaining horror/mystery novel featuring Repairman Jack. (Stephen King is President of the Repairman Jack Fan Club.) Jack is a private detective/vigilante hired to work on two cases: (1) make a man stop beating his wife, who is the sister of the first client and (2) find the wife of the second client. Most of the book involves the second case, and the second case involves a hotel-full of conspiracy nuts. This book kept me turning the pages. The author is a libertarian, and he refers to things that I can relate to:
  • Objectivism (16) (I subscribed to The Objectivist in the 1960s.)
  • The story set in NYC and Long Island (where I grew up).
  • “Strandesque array of books” (33) (referring to the Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th Street where I used to shop when I was in highschool).
  • Fifty-ninth Street Bridge painting by the hero’s girlfriend (My grandfather was a NYC policeman. He was patroling the 59th Street Bridge on bicycle when he was hit by a car. He eventually died from these injuries.)
  • “We’re all caught up in a giant game of Risk.” (238) (I spent hours at Murray Rothbard's apartment watching and listening to Murray and friends play Risk). Loose ends remain untied at the end which adds to the horror and creates demand for a sequel. The book also has humor:
    “Why is that Jack? Tell me: Is it ignorance or apathy?
    “I don’t know and couldn’t care less,” Jack said with a shrug. (29)

    “All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand!” (227)

    Year Read: 2001

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