Dark Rivers of the Heart
by Dean Koontz

A thriller, not a supernatural horror story, told by God about a secret organization within the Justice Department that usurps resources from all other federal departments, murders people, and seeks to achieve greater power over the country. The son of a serial killer and the daughter-in-law of the man in charge of the rogue organization are the main heroes. They are pursued by a top-ranking agent of the rogue organization who has almost unlimited resources at his disposal. In addition to being a professional assassin, he has a hobby of murdering people who either have a perfect physical feature, or who have virtues that make them too good for this world, or who fail to treat him with enough respect. The two heroes fall in love half-way through the book and at the same time as the chief villain meets his soul mate.

The book makes many criticisms of government abuse and ends with the revelation of a secret resistance movement. It is libertarian, but the clandestine organization is so evil that even Republicans and Democrats would root for the heroes against it.

Year Read: 2004

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