The Dark Side of Camelot
by Seymore M. Hersh

Using the latest information, Hersh shows that JFK and RFK were monsters. They had Mafia-like morals, but they operated on a larger scale. They and their father put JFKs political career above all other values. Their next highest value was getting revenge against anyone who made them look bad or was disloyal to them.

JFK withheld air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion because he believed it would hurt his political future, even though he knew that it would doom the mission to fail and cause many of the freedom fighters to be killed. JFK became obsessed with killing Castro and invading Cuba after being embarrassed by the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Castro, the Soviet government, some Mafia bosses, and a few people in JFKs administration were the only ones who knew about JFKs ongoing efforts to kill Castro. This caused the Soviets to install nuclear missiles in Cuba, which lead to the Cuban missile crisis.

JFK and RFK had a private communication channel to Kruschev, which they kept secret from the rest of JFKs administration. JFK brought us to the brink of annihilation solely to improve his chances of reelection. He let everyone believe that the situation was riskier than it really was by keeping his private negotiations with Kruschev secret. In private he agreed to remove US missiles from Turkey in exchange for the Soviets removing the missiles from Cuba.

The Kennedy brothers and their father and their closest friends were all big-time fornicators. JFK had venereal infections for most of his life and took no precautions to avoid infecting his hundreds of partners. His closest aids in the White House acted as his pimps and frequently participated with him in orgies. The Secret Service agents assigned to protect him knew that he was taking risks by fornicating with prostitutes, but they didnt dare to say anything to him about it. JFK had sex with two of the whores involved in the Profumo affairs, which brought down the Macmillan government in England. This was one of several sex scandals that JFK and RFK worked ruthlessly to keep from the public.

Year Read: 2001

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