The Descent of Woman
by Elaine Morgan

Witty and daring presentation of the aquatic ape theory. By far the best book I've read on human evolution. It has something fascinating on almost every page. There are two main themes: (1) Too much evolutionary theory has been written from the point of view of macho men, especially the predominant "hunting hypothesis." (2) A more plausible theory is that our ancestors went through an aquatic stage after coming down from the trees and before becoming hunters on the savanna. She produces some evidence to support theme 1. She produces much more evidence to support theme 2.

Her opinions, guesses, and explanations are so refreshing and intelligent that I would love to read more of her writing. Her explanation of human sexual behavior throws more light on the subject than I have ever seen before. She is a feminist, but she doesn't hate men, and she has a sense of humor. She is a rare jewel.

Year Read: 1983

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