The Disadvantages of Being Educated and Other Essays
by Albert Jay Nock

Nock was one of those who made a distinction between the state and government. If the state were limited to purely negative interventions in defense of rights, it would be a government, and Nock would not object to it. (v)

He also distinguished between education and training. The disadvantage of education these days is that it makes it harder to fit into our shallow, money-chasing society, whereas training has the opposite effect.

He liked to show off his knowledge of foreign languages by sprinkling his essays with untranslated Latin, Greek, French, and German phrases.

The book includes a good essay critical of feminism for adopting male values. It encourages women to promote civilization, which only they can do. Other good essays are "The Value of Useless Knowledge," "Literature of escape," and "Business Dodges the Truth."

Year Read: 1998

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