The Economics and Politics of Race
by Thomas Sowell

He keeps writing the same book over and over, but it's a good book and I always enjoy reading it. Other versions are titled, Race and Economics, Markets and Minorities, and Ethnic America all of which I have read, and the latest, which I haven't read yet is called something like Preferential Policies: An International Perspective.

Here is a quotation that typifies the kind of information he brings out that the uplifters don't want to hear:

"Black West Indian immigrants have had far lower crime rates than other blacks living in the same ghettos--or lower crime rates than white Americans, for that matter. Apparently the "root causes" of crime due to "social conditions" in the ghetto did not affect the West Indians. The Irish have had rates of alcoholic psychosis that were 25 times the rate among Italians and 50 times that among Jews. These differences hardly seem explicable by the "pressures" of American life, when great differences in drunkenness or alcoholism can be found in the same three groups in Europe in centuries past."
His interest in looking at the facts before drawing conclusions even extends to foreign policy:
"Using the phrase "foreign aid" is no more justified a priori than calling it "foreign hindrance.""

Year Read: 1993

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