Ever Since Darwin
by Stephen Jay Gould

A collection of short articles about biological evolution by a scientist with a strong egalitarian bias who writes well. He points out the political bias of other scientists, but seems to be unaware that he exemplifies scientists whose theories are more determined by their social philosophies than by facts.

He is an environmental wacko ("I speak for the trees") who wants us to be one with the animals. He claims that other scientists who do not speak for the trees are arrogant. He is a feminist who sees no natural reason why women should raise children. He is an egalitarian who sees no difference between the races (in fact he doesn't believe there are races), and he hates people who discriminate on the basis of race (which is hardly possible if there are no races).

When the issue at hand does not set off one of his political-correctness buttons, he is quite reasonable and intelligent in his evaluations, and his articles are informative and enjoyable to read.

Year Read: 1999

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