The Eyes of Darkness
by Dean Koontz

A sci-fi, suspense novel told by God about a divorced mother who has nightmares about her dead son and receives eerie messages that say NOT DEAD. She is a Las Vegas choreographer and producer, her ex-husband is a dealer in a casino. She regards the messages as cruel and taunting and she suspects her ex-husband is responsible. She confronts him and realizes he knew nothing about them. She meets a handsome lawyer at the dress rehearsal for her new production and they start a romance. She decides to have her sonís body exhumed and asks the lawyer to make the arrangements. He is attacked in his home by government goons. He defeats them and races to her house just in time to save her life. They flee. Her ex-husband is murdered. They bravely set out to expose the evil government program and secret police organization behind the attempt on their lives. Good stuff.

Year Read: 2005

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