Fear Nothing
by Dean Koontz

The first novel in a trilogy told by Christopher Snow. He has a genetic problem such that he cannot handle ultra violet light rays and he can only come out at night. Most of this book is the story of a single night when his father dies, Chris sees the corpse get kidnapped, sees a women who tries to warn him killed and her house burned, visits his surfer buddy, gets attacked by crazed monkeys, receives another warning from a man who communicates with animals, kills the chief of police and burns him in his patrol car, and more. The writing is sometimes worthy of quoting. Some of the banter with his friends is funny. The action is described in detail along with all his thoughts about it. It is suspenseful, although the reader catches on to what is happening faster than the hero. The title is some bad advice his father gave him.

Year Read: 2004

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