From Potterís Field
by Patricia Cornwell

The 6th crime novel, the sequel to Body Farm, told by Kay Scarpetta. This book is much better. It is a page turner. Lots of action, much of which takes place in NYC. The title refers to the cemetery on Hart Island where NYC authorities bury unidentified poor people when they die. The first victim (in this episode) of the serial killer Timothy Gault gets buried there after they find her nude body in Central Park.

I wonder if Patricia Cornwell dislikes Ayn Randís philosophy so much that she chose to us the last name of Randís super hero as the name of the psychopathic murderer in this story. Cornwellís hero Kay Scarpetta is a bleeding-heart liberal scold who Ayn Rand would have hated. One of the characters in this book, the woman in charge of the NYC Transit Authority police, is depicted as having Randís novels in her book collection.

Scarpetta has some redeeming qualities that make me root for her. She bends the law when it helps her to catch the killer. She uses guns to defend herself. She is a good detective. She is resourceful and intelligent. When the chips are down these virtues outweigh her annoying liberal prejudices and busy-body tendencies.

Year Read: 2005

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