Giants' Star
by James P. Hogan

Third volume in the series of novels involving the Ganymede giants. The first and second books in this series are:
  1. Inherit the Stars
  2. The Gentle Giants of Ganymede
The first half of this book follows up on the history begun in the first two books. It seems that Hogan is simply dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s. Then the book takes a whole new turn and becomes broader in the scope of history that it explains and exciting in the titanic struggle that it depicts to save the world.

It depicts all organized religion as part of a deliberate attempt to retard human progress in science. Human history it turns out has been manipulated from the beginning by an elite ruling class of alien agents. The ending very cleverly explains the sudden emergence of a super race of humans on Minerva, which was mentioned in the previous volumes. Hogan seems to have planned the whole tale before he wrote the first volume.

Year Read: 2000

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