Harry McCreedy
by Jeff Paul

An enjoyable novel about an uptight Catholic boy who is shunned by his wealthy family because his mother is in the nut house. He takes a job as assistant manager of a big shoe store in DC upon graduation from college. The general manager is a black bitch who all the employees legitimately hate because of her abusive treatment. He meets an older woman in a bookstore and they fall in love. She is also a delusional, obsessed Catholic. With the health benefits from his job he is able to get his mother out of the nut house. She only has about a year to live because of heart disease. His girl becomes emotionally attached to his mother and dotes on her. He meets with the approval of his girlís mother, who suggests to him that he should get his fellow employees to document the abusive treatment of the bitch boss and sent it to the president of the company so he will fire her in the fall when everybody gets their annual appraisal. The employees agree. Meanwhile he gets married. His family comes to the wedding and he is back in their good graces. Shortly after the honeymoon his mother dies. One of the employees warns the boss about the plot. She begins to act nice. They realize it is an act. He sends the documentation to the president. On appraisal day the president tells him that he would have fired the bitch if the employees hadnít tried to force his hand. It ends in violence.

Year Read: 2001

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