Humanism Exposed
by Marlin Maddoux

A wake-up call to Christians, written in 1983, explaining the dangers of humanism to religion, family, and morality. Humanists have taken over the public schools system, the NEA, the universities, and the media. This book is a call to arms in the war between hard-core humanists and fundamentalist Christians.

He is correct that secular humanism has taken over and that it is anti-Christian, anti-family, pro-abortion, and socialist. He is wrong in his assumption that Christianity is the best alternative. Christianity is guilty of the charges that humanists have leveled at it. Christianity is authoritarian, narrow minded, intolerant, and unscientific. On the other hand, Christianity upholds moral standards and the dignity of the individual, which secular humanism opposes.

It is hard to pick a side in this war, but in general, I am aligned with the side that is out of power, which these days is the Christians.

Year Read: 1998

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