The Keep
by F. Paul Wilson

The best-selling horror story that is advertised on the covers of Wilsonís other books because it is anti-Nazi. An evil being who has been imprisoned in a fortress in the Transylvanian Alps since the middle ages comes back to life when German troops occupy the keep and one of them inadvertently opens a hole in one of the walls. Each night one of the soldiers has his throat ripped out. The commanding officer requests that he and his men be assigned elsewhere. Instead, the German High Command sends an SS officer and his men to solve the problem.

The nightly killings continue until a crippled, Jewish professor who is an expert on Romanian and history is brought, along with his 31-year-old, unmarried daughter, to the keep. The evil being reveals himself to them and the killings are halted for two days. Meanwhile a man travels from Portugal to Romania on a mission to prevent the evil being from escaping the keep.

Year Read: 2001

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