by Lee Israel

A biography of the "What's My Line" panelist and gossip columnist. She was an influential reporter who carried grudges, was easily alienated, but was loyal to her friends. She was a snob. Her husband was an alcoholic and a womanizer. She had an affair withe Johnie Ray, the singer, who was also an alcoholic. She became an alcoholic and a sleeping-pill addict herself. She died in her bed, apparently from an overdose of alcohol and pills. There is some confusion about her death. The book does not clear it up. She was working on an investigative report about JFK's assassination when she died. She had obtained an exclusive interview with Jack Ruby and had gone to New Orleans. Her notes were left to her husband who showed them to no one and said he would destroy them. He died of an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills also.

Year Read: 1982

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