LBJ and the JFK Conspiracy
by Hugh McDonald and Robin Moore

Argues that a Soviet KGB-controlled conspiracy was behind JFK's assassination. LBJ knew about it and participated in it because (1) He wanted to be president. (2) He knew that JFK was going to drop him from the ticket. (3) He knew that Bobby Kennedy was investigating Bobby Baker and trying to put Baker and LBJ in prison. (4) He had approved of and benefited from assassinations earlier in his political career. (5) Assassinating JFK would solve his problems as nothing else could.

The Soviet Union wanted JFK killed, because he was too much of a threat to mankind. He drove them to the brink of nuclear was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unfortunately, the story is not documented. It is written like a novel, from an omniscient point of view. We are supposed to take the author's word that he interviewed the assassins and various spies to get the information.

Year Read: 1982

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