The Legend That Was Earth
by James P. Hogan

An epic science-fiction novel set on Earth in the near future. Human-like aliens are colonizing Earth by making friends with the established ruling classes and giving them first access to some of their advanced engineering techniques, which they can capitalize on to become richer and more firmly in control over their countrymen. The aliens have empiricist mentalities--no imagination, no art, little emotion, no big theories, no religions, no suspicions, no ideals. They are charmed by Earthís arts, religions, individualists, dedication to principle. A worldwide rebellion is underway in opposition to the capitalistic and colonialist ruling classes, especially the USA. The western states secede. The eastern states fight a civil war to preserve the union. It is very interesting to see this war between the states described in terms of modern weapons and locations. Some of the aliens who are charmed by life on Earth and who learn the truth about the colonization switch to the rebel side.

The book proposes that a combination of the Earthly mentality and the alien mentality might produce maximum benefits. Earthlings are too dogmatic, even in their sciences, and it slows their advance and leads to unnecessary conflicts. The aliens are to unquestioning of authority and of their senses. They live in ruts. Their senses of beauty and fun are stunted.

Year Read: 2002

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