The Lie: Evolution
by Ken Ham

This Australian fundamentalist Christian argues convincingly that Christians cannot logically believe in evolution.
“If death and bloodshed existed before Adam sinned, the basis for atonement is destroyed.” ... “Evolutionists would say death and struggle led to man’s existence. The Bible says man’s rebellious actions led to death. These statements cannot both be true. One denies the other--they are diametrically opposed. That is why the compromisers who claim to hold both positions at the same time (theistic evolution) are destroying the basis of the Gospel. If life formed in an onward “progression,” how did man fall upward? What is sin? Sin would then be an inherited animal characteristic, not something due to the fall of man through disobedience. The many Christians who accept the belief of evolution and add God to it destroy the very foundation of the Gospel message they profess to believe.” p. 73.

“If man did not really fall into sin, there is no need for a Savior.” p. 76.

If evolution is true, then the reason Christ died on the cross has been destroyed.” p. 140.

“Christians who believe that God used evolution must consider Him an ogre!” p. 146.

Based on the number of times he mentions them the “sins” of abortion, homosexuality, indecent exposure, and pornography are much worse than the crimes of murder, rape, and robbery.

Year Read: 2007

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