Metropolitan Life
by Fran Lebowitz

A collection of humorous, politically incorrect, articles. I often don’t get where she is coming from. There must be an underlying premise or two that I am not privy to that would help clarify her statements. She seems to identify with male homosexuals. She wants to be the new Oscar Wilde. I enjoyed a few of her lines:
“He is audibly tan.” p. ix.

“I jot down an idea I have for an all-black version of a Shakespearean comedy to be called As You Likes It.” p. xi.

“Children are usually small in stature, which makes them quite useful for getting at those hard-to-reach places.” p.33.

“Mars is the third smallest planet and therefore of interest only to collectors.” p. 102.

“Thoroughly distasteful as synthetic foods might be, one cannot help but accord them a certain value when confronted with the health food buff. One is also ever mindful of the fact that the aficionado of whole foods is a frequent champion of excessive political causes.” p. 109.

“If your sexual fantasies were truly of interest to others, they would no longer be fantasies.” p. 143.

Year Read: 2007

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