by Dean Koontz

A sci-fi thriller told by God about an evil scientist who develops a way to convert people into shapechangers. He eliminates all emotions except fear. He programs them so that if he dies they die. He is a megalomaniac. First he plans to convert everyone in the small town of Moonlight Cove, CA. Then he plans to convert the world and rule it. Harry Talbot, a disabled vet, spends a lot of time looking through his telescope, sees strange things going on around town, and sends a letter to the FBI. Agent Sam Booker is sent to the small town under cover to find out why the death rate is so high all of a sudden. Tessa Lockland travels to the town to find out how her sister died. Chrissie Foster sees her parents physically change into monsters and runs from them. These four become a team of heroes.

Very good. Koontz’s first #1 hardcover best seller.

Year Read: 2005

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