Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra
by George Jacobs

Memoirs by Sinatra’s valet, a black man from New Orleans. Sympathetic to him compared to Kitty Kelly’s biography, but revealing. Women Sinatra fucked during the 15 years Jacobs was with him: Dinah Shore, Kim Novak, Natalie Wood (at age 15 or 16), Ava Garner (the love of his life), Lana Turner, Peggy Lee, Jeannie Carmen, Lauren Bacall (she wouldn‘t give him blow jobs), Judith Campbell (along with Sam Giancana and JFK), Marilyn Monroe (along with Sam Giancana and JFK and maybe RFK), Juliet Prowse (whose shaved pussy fascinated JFK), Judy Garland (who gave good blow jobs), Dorothy Provine, Josephine Abercrombie, Nita Talbot, Jill St. John, Billie Holiday, Mia Farrow, Lee Remick, Jackie Bissett, and hundreds of whores. Sinatra had a huge cock. He was generous with money and gifts. He dropped women and friends suddenly and forever if he felt slighted by them.

Year Read: 2008

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