Mr. Murder
by Dean Koontz

A horror novel told by God about a mystery writer who is hunted by his own clone who has been programmed to be a killing machine and has superhuman recuperative powers and can locate him telepathically. The writer’s wife and daughters give him a tight family, and the scenes with them would portray an ideal of domestic bliss if extracted and published separately. The writer reads to his daughters at bed time. It is a funny poem he wrote about Santa’s evil twin, which I have seen as a separate book at Barnes and Noble. The clone is insane and believes the writer has stolen his identity. The clone is determined to kill the writer and take his rightful place in the family.

A strong Randian link is revealed at the end when the family goes into hiding with new names and the writer takes the name John Gault. It is an outstanding thriller.

Year Read: 2005

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