Myra Breckenridge
by Gore Vidal

A novel in the form of notes written by a sex pervert (Myra Breckenridge) and memos dictated by the man Myra is trying to extort money from. Myra turns out to be a trans-sexual who was driven to delusions of grandeur by the excessive female hormones needed for the sex change. In the end, MB changes back to male and regains his sanity.

Themes in the narrative are that sex is about power and domination and that the movies from the 1930s and 1940s are the high point of civilization.

"... that long struggle for supremacy which is called marriage." (99)
In the final four pages of the book Myra Breckenridge denounces and recants all the BS in the previous 273 pages, calling it "demented" and "pretentious," and he claims to be no longer a sexual pervert. But on balance this seems unbelievable and tongue-in-cheek.

Year Read: 1998

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