Napalm and Silly Putty
by George Carlin

A hodgepodge of mean, unfunny comments and profanity. Carlin is explicitly anti-human, especially the white race, and anti-libertarian. However, he is also anti-religion and anti-nature. He endorses public spectacles of death, but like de Sade he regards suicide as a waste. Midst the drivel are a few astute observations:
They say that if two planes almost collide itís a near miss. Bullshit, my friend. Itís a near hit! A collision is a near miss.

If there really are multiple universes, what do they call the thing theyíre all a part of?

Actually, when you think about it, Fatherís Day is Motherfuckerís Day.

You know how you can tell when a moth farts? When he suddenly flies in a straight line.

No one ever know whatís next, but they always do it.

Year Read: 2004

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