Not by Chance!
by Anthony Standen

A logical, mathematical, and scientific refutation of neo-Darwinism and a proposed alternative hypothesis that phenotypes evolve by responding to their environments when their environments trigger the activation or deactivation of pre-existing parts of their genomes. This hypothesis correlates better with the rapid changes observed in species compared to the impossibly slow evolution of the neo-Darwinists, which is based on the assumption of random mutations from rare DNA copying errors. It also strongly implies a designer or deity.

Copying errors are so rare and random that the odds of such mutations leading to life and evolution of new species (macroevolution) are way beyond what would normally be regarded as impossible. Copying errors result in loss of “information” in the genome. There are no known cases of mutations leading to more complex genomes. It is a powerful argument, although he is somewhat repetitious.

Year Read: 2005

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