One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding
by Robert Gover

This novel is ostensibly about the inability of a prudish, White, college boy and a teenage, Black prostitute to communicate. Their languages are foreign to each other, but this book has a wider application. Even without the racial and class differences, men and women don't communicate with each other very well. The sex difference is greater than the language differences. Misunderstandings can be funny or tragic. In this book they are hilarious.

The Black girl is a great character. She is illiterate but able to formulate insightful opinions on subjects that present themselves to her attention. The boy is a pompous ass who thinks he is intelligent, because he has been exposed to the wisdom of such lights as Eisenhower and TV commercials.

This is the second time I've read this book. I enjoyed it tremendously each time.

Year Read: 1985

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