by Linda Lovelace

The autobiography of the star of the path-breaking pornographic movie "Deep Throat." She claims to have been an unwilling participant in that movie and to have led a life of prostitution and humiliation forced on her by her husband who was a sadistic bastard. He kept her in fear for years and made her do degrading things under threat of death. After she became famous, she met Sammy Davis Jr. who was a fan. Sammy and his wife had Linda and her husband to their home several times. She serviced Sammy and taught him how to do deep throat on her husband. Now she is remarried and is opposed to pornography. She claims that the women in the movies are all victims like her. Her first husband has since married Marilyn Chambers and made her a big star in the sex movies. Her sob story is not believable.

Year Read: 1987

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