Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O. J. Simpson Got Away with Murder
by Vincent Bugliosi

The jury could hardly have been any worse and neither could the prosecution.

The "Dream Team" of Simpson lawyers were not nearly as good or as famous or as experienced in trial law as the media made them out to be, but the reporters were too lazy to check this out. Shapiro never tried a murder case before. Cochran was a civil lawyer not a criminal lawyer. F. Lee Bailey's carrier had been in decline since he lost the Patti Hearst robbery case decades earlier. Alan Dershowitz is an appellate lawyer, not a trial lawyer. The advantage the "Dream Team" had was almost unlimited funds to contest every issue, split every hair, and hire expensive forensic experts. (43)

The TV commentators demonstrated little understanding of trial law. The change of venue was a major blunder by the DA, which resulted in the selection of a terrible jury.

Evidence the Prosecution Never Presented

If Simpson bought the disguise for some innocent purpose, why was it necessary for him to bring it with him in Cowling's car?

Simpson admitted he dripped blood all over his car and home and on his driveway around the time of the murders.

Simpson offered three contradictory descriptions of his activities while the murders were occurring: he was practicing golf, he was sleeping, he was busy packing.

Simpson said he had no idea how he cut himself. "Because this is highly improbable, it shows a consciousness of guilt on his part." (180)

Clarke managed to reduce a coincidence in the millions (Simpson cutting himself at about the same time of the murders) down to one out of two hands (Simpson and the murdered both cut their left hands). (181)

Why did Simpson lie to the limousine driver about being home during the time when the murders took place, unless he knew when the murders took place and wanted to establish an alibi?

Both the lead prosecutor and lead defense attorney defined "reasonable doubt" incorrectly to the jury, and the definition they gave favored the defense. (188)

"But in front of the jury, where it counted, time and time again, by their abject incompetence, the prosecutors conveyed to the jury that they were trying to keep the jury from hearing relevant evidence.

Marcia Clarke did not meet with the two DNA prosecutors until the day before she gave her final argument. She waited until the last moment to prepare her summation and never went over it even once. She didn't take time to check dates and facts.

"... by the time Vannatter arrived at Rockingham, the Bronco, which was found to have Simpson's blood all over it, had already been removed from the premises, and all of the other blood evidence from Bundy and Rockingham had already been collected, so what was it that Vannatter and his co-conspirators planted? (319)

"Contrary to common belief, the presumption of innocence applies only inside a courtroom. It has no applicability elsewhere, although the media do not seem to be aware of this," (29) Under the principle that a person is not guilty until declared so by a judge or jury, Hitler never committed any crimes.

The term corpus delicti means the body (or elements) of a crime needed to secure a conviction. Lying is one element of the corpus delicti of perjury.

Year Read: 1998

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