by L. Neil Smith

An explicitly libertarian sci-fi novel that depicts a libertarian society of gun nuts who live on an asteroid that has been made inhabitable for humans through advanced scientific techniques financed by a multi-billionaire individualist. Also inhabiting the asteroid is a socialist colony run by a disgraced former U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate who is the arch-enemy of the hero.

The hero is a Cambodian refugee who escapes from the socialist colony as a boy and becomes a famous inventor of guns and travel harnesses and becomes rich. The evil dictator of the colony seeks to undermine and destroy him by any means for more than a century.

The book contains some good lines and holds the reader's interest. The plot keeps twisting and goes on too long.

It won the Prometheus Award in 1994 as the best libertarian science fiction novel of the year.

Year Read: 2000

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