Radicals for Capitalism
by Brian Doherty

I saw Brian Doherty on CSPAN2. He talked about this book for 2 hours. He has been a professional libertarian for at least 20 years. He spent 12 years writing this book. He interviewed hundreds of libertarians and dug into archives at libraries all across the country. I was impressed with how even handed he is toward all the flavors of libertarian thought. I couldn't tell whether he is for anarcho-capitalism or a limited government, natural rights or utilitarianism, Austrian or Chicago economics. Everything he said about these alternatives was fair, accurate, and respectful. He seems to be in favor of all schools of thought that promote liberty. So I ran out and bought the book.

It is terrific. Fair, balanced, and thorough. I could take scissors to it and cut and paste my own intellectual biography from it. I think most other libertarians could do the same. Given enough time I could have written a book as thorough as this, but it wouldn't be as objective. My book would praise anarcho-capitalism, natural rights, and Austrian economics and refute all alternatives. I am glad he was the one who wrote this history instead of me.

I was delighted to see my name in footnote 20 to Chapter 7.

Year Read: 2007

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