Sackett’s Land
by Louis L’Amour

A good short novel told by God and Barnabas Sackett about his trip from London to the coast of North Carolina where he intends to trade with the Indians and become a big man. It is the first of the Sackett family novels. He has an influential enemy in London who pays to have him Shanghaied and murdered. He recovers his trade-goods and escapes with two other sailors when the pirate ship gets to America. They live off the wild-life and trade with the friendly tribe for a couple weeks. They seem to devour each deer in only a meal or two. He is rescued by the original ship that he was supposed to sail on after much fighting. He returns to England where his enemy has gotten the queen to issue an order for his arrest. He escapes and kills his foe. He is determined to return to America to live with his new-found fiancee. It is a strongly libertarian story.

Year Read: 2004

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