Shadow Fires
by Dean Koontz

A suspense novel told by God about a scientist obsessed with immortality who builds a company that does research in recombinant DNA and develops a compound that enables lab mice to recover from diseases and injuries and even death. But the compound has bad side-effects. The scientist administers the compound to himself anyway. He has an argument with his wife and walks in front of a garbage truck and gets his skull crushed. A few hours later he escapes from the morgue. Now he is obsessed with killing his wife. The rest of the novel describes him chasing her and her boyfriend, them chasing him, the scientistís partners chasing the three of them to kill them and keep the compound a secret, the LA police trying to find who took the scientistís body from the morgue, and the National Security Administration trying to stop all of them from revealing the secret of the compound.

The title refers to visions that the mad scientist sees. Lots of suspense and action. Well done. The cover shows a boy sitting in the desert among cacti at twilight, which has nothing to do with the story.

Year Read: 2005

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