A Slipping-Down Life
by Anne Tyler

A novel about teen-agers who are destined to be losers because they are ignorant, self-absorbed, and stupid. The female protagonist is a fat, lazy girl who decides to attract attention to herself and to a boy in a local band by carving his name on her forehead at the club where he is performing. This succeeds in getting attention. The boy feels sorry for her and somehow responsible. She becomes a regular in the audience to help draw people to his performances. He gets used to spending time with her and hearing her constant inane chatter. As a result of inertia, he proposes marriage to her and she accepts from the same motive. They deserve each other. At the end she becomes pregnant, but she doesn't tell him. Finally her father dies and she inherits his house. She tells her husband she is moving into the house and that she is pregnant. He doesn't want to move in the house. The end.

Year Read: 1998

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